We’ve seen the outrage of people around world on the police for the death of Jeorge Floyd. Making it a biggest Black Lives Matter campaign.

The #BlackLivesMatter Incident

The reason, the crime was very small. A very small matter. A very small mistake. It could have been lawfully resolved by the police but… But NO. The Punishers have to do their job. The job of killing people brutally. Brutality against the innocent people who do silly crime (small matter). Calling them Police will be insult of all the other loyal Police who give their sweat and blood for the justice. Hence I’d like to call them Criminal servant. Since they work in Police department, and somehow they have been given power to punish people. Who then find their links, use their cards to get away with only Suspension after people raise their voice against them and the incident that took place.

The #JayarajandFenix Incident

Unfortunately this incident took place in India after Jeorge Floyd incident. The Father and Son got beaten to death brutally and the actions taken by superiors are shady. Please more emphasis on the India’s Father and Son killings in the name of a small mistake or crime.

The above video is an analysis of the things, the punishers have done, in the past as well. There are some other people to give orders and punishers follow them. Looks it was kind of their habbit to punish people to death.

This video shows how some people in film industry have raised their voices. But this could not become big campaign like Black Lives Matter. The people the fans are seeking actions from their favourite stars to make it noticeable by Law and give justice to the victims.

This leaves us with some questions

Q1. If the Humans are not getting saved from such brutality, How are we going to stop brutalities like the pregnant Elephant?

Q2. What will be the justice for victims?

Q3. Will they even get Justice?

Q4. How can we stop such brutality against our own people and animals?

If you know the answers already, please let us know in the comments below.

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