Did he really eat Chicken?

Indian batting maestro Virat Kohli, who used to love eating non-vegetarian food, turned vegetarian in 2018 due to some health issues he was facing. Kohli had also responded to a fan comment on his post in 2022, clarifying that it was “the biggest myth in the world” that non-meat eaters cannot be muscular.

Why did Virat Kohli turn vegetarian?

Back in 2020, Kohli explained why he turned vegetarian. During an Instagram Live session, he said – Left eating meat just before the England Test series.

In 2018, when we went to South Africa, I had a cervical spine issue while playing a test match. It compressed a nerve that was running straight to the little finger of my right hand. It gave me a tingling sensation and I could barely feel my little finger. I could not sleep at night and it was hurting like mad.”

Adding this since he turns vegetarian he has been feeling amazing 

Earlier, Virat disclosed that he stopped eating non veg meals because of an issue in his cervical spine. His body was producing a lot of uric acid and as a result, he had to make changes to his diet

He mentioned “That is why I stopped eating meat completely in the middle of England tour to cut down the uric acid and I have never felt better in my life, to be honest,” he further mentioned. “I felt amazing, it is almost two years now and it is the best decision I have taken”

In our Indian Batting lineup, Virat kohli is the most fit athlete.

Being a Punjabi it is quite difficult to cut down non veg but he successfully did that. 

The former indian Skipper posted a story of chicken tikka stating

“You’ve really nailed this mock chicken tikka”

Virat Kohli eating Mock Chicken Tikka

Its Mocked Chicken Tikka!

Img : Aaj Tak 

He had mock chicken tikka. However, there is a catch. Notably, the mock chicken tikka is not animal-based, but plant-based. Hence, it remains a vegetarian dish. 

Mock meat, for the uninitiated, refers to plant-based foods created to imitate the taste and texture of animal meat. Ingredients such as jackfruit, banana peels, soy and wheat isolate are used to prepare it.

Types of mock meat:

  • Legumes: Soybeans are the most common ingredient, used in tofu, tempeh, and TVP (textured vegetable protein). Lentils, beans, and chickpeas can also be used to create meaty patties and crumbles.
  • Mycoprotein: Derived from fungi, it often comes in nugget or burger form and boasts a meat-like texture due to its fibrous structure. Quorn is a well-known brand using mycoprotein.
  • Jackfruit and other fruits: This tropical fruit has a neutral flavor and stringy texture that mimics pulled pork, making it a popular ingredient in tacos and barbecue dishes. Banana peels have also been used for their meaty texture.
  • Plant-based blends: Many brands combine various protein sources (e.g., pea protein, wheat gluten) with fats and flavorings to create versatile grounds, sausages, and even plant-based seafood alternatives.

Benefits of mock meat:

  • Healthier choice: Often lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than animal meat, it can be a good option for heart health and reducing overall meat consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly: Animal agriculture has a significant environmental impact. Opting for plant-based meat alternatives can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water usage.
  • Dietary inclusivity: Provides delicious and satisfying meat-like options for those following vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian diets.

Challenges and future of mock meat:

  • Cost and availability: Compared to traditional meat, some mock meat options can be pricier and less readily available, especially in certain regions.
  • Processing concerns: Highly processed varieties may contain high levels of sodium and additives. Choosing whole-food-based options is recommended.
  • Taste and texture: While advancements are constantly being made, some argue that mock meat doesn’t perfectly replicate the taste and texture of animal meat. However, ongoing research and development promise exciting improvements in the future.

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