This next video shows how the call center company was just doing scamming after showing people a fraud warning message and then get them call these scammers for the fix.

Jim Browning had recorded and even called them to catch them while doing this in action. After a lot of phone calls recording and CCTV footage study he found a shocking information. Take a look.

This kind of scamming and frauds are becoming more common now a days. Recently there was a release of series on Phishing operations run by Group of people called Jamtara.

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega 2020 | Credit: Netflix Credit: Netflix Credit: Netflix

Some people in India are even getting influenced by this and calling people to trick them to make payment by literally fooling them. Some of the tactics are:

  • first call people and ask them to get “cashback” or it will be reversed
  • phishing guy asks to check notification, which is actually a payment request to be made by the people.
  • eager to receive “cashback”, while talking on the phone with phishing guy, people click on such requests and make payments unknowingly.
  • some smart people don’t get fooled by this act and ask them questions as to why it says pay from their own account etc.

The people should take these call very carefully and not fall for their phishing and make people alert about this.

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