Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani

As the First dialogue better shows what the movie is all about.

Dil Bechara starring Sushant Singh Rajput & Sanjana Sanghi has been released on OTT on 24th July 2020. A film based on the bestselling book The fault in our stars which was also adapted into a 2014 Hollywood movie of the same name and featured Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley in the lead roles. As the story unfolds, you can see the realization of the extremity of the loss that Sushant’s untimely demise represents. The movie itself has created more awareness throughout the story. Also, there’s a great poignant feeling that such a brilliant actor deserved more for his chops throughout his brief career.

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So, the story revolves around two young characters Kizie (Sanjana) & Manny (Sushant). While Kizie has Thyroid Cancer, and manny had osteosarcoma. Two people too young to die, fall in love. A simple story of romance & ambiguous dreams. They start their journey together & embrace life’s imperfections into a new dimension of love & acceptance. A story that gives us the proximity to nature and it’s unending dwells. One that is unpredictable & uncertain. While it does show the romance of a young couple, the character of Sushant has heightened the spirit of his performance and versatility, making us fall in love with him all again. As the story ends, Manny suffers a certain death and thus leaves a never-ending inspiration for all of us. Also, some movies are made to be cherished forever, and Dil Bechara is the one. Sushant will be the brightest shining star forever. #SERI πŸ™‚

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